Basic Camera Techniques

The Basic Camera Techniques experience is recommended mainly for beginners to show the benefits of moving away from the “Auto” setting on their camera.

Basic Camera Techniques

There are two options for the Basic Camera Techniques experience as given below. Both of these experiences will take you on location to the beautiful Sierra de Cabo de Gata; a relatively easy but undulating walk. Options would be to go for either the morning light or late afternoon, which in summer can be as late as 21.45 if you want to catch the sunset!

  • 2 hour experience:
    This is an introduction to Basic Camera Techniques and will take you to either the stunning cove of Cala Higuera or Campillo de los Genoveses to learn and practice your skills. Both locations have parking facilities nearby in San José where we will meet and walk from using public footpaths (senderismos). During the 2 hour experience, you will learn about aperture and speed priority settings, depth of field basics and will be introduced to the manual settings as appropriate to your camera. You will also gain a basic understanding into the rules of composition and will instantly see the difference in your photography. The cost of this experience is: €20 per person (minimum group of four people required)
  • 4 hour experience:
    This experience will introduce you to the manual settings on your camera and will take you a number of locations from San José (on foot) e.g. Playa de la Calilla, Campillo de los Genoveses, Playa de los Genoveses. You will learn and practice your skills in a wider range of landscape and lighting situations. The meeting point for this will be the car park at Playa la Calilla and we shall walk from here using public footpaths (senderismos). During the 4 hour experience, you will consolidate your knowledge and learn more about the “Manual” or “M” setting on your camera and how to take full control of your exposure. The cost of this experience is: €30 per person (minimum group of four people required).

Places are limited so it is strictly subject to availability and on a first come first served basis. So don’t delay, book today!

If you have a particular disability or a medical condition that may affect your mobility, please mention this at the time of making your booking enquiry. Please note also that some locations have seasonal restrictions and we must be respectful of these and show respect and consideration for the environment at all times.

Please refer to our FAQs page for details on what to wear, the weather, etc…