Cabo de Gata Photography offers a wide range of eco-friendly and unique photography experiences that support sustainable tourism and suit all levels of photographic expertise. These include a number of off-the-shelf rutas (routes) that have been specially designed following our experiences with clients and their requirements to bespoke excursions that are carefully planned in advance with customers and can sometimes be spread over a number of days. This year in order to make our offering more environmentally focused, we will carry out as much of our operations as possible by foot, i.e. to meet / park at a designated public place and walk to the locations.

In summary our offerings are as follows, the first two being the most popular:

Basic Camera Techniques
Take the first step away from the “auto” setting on your camera. Learn about;

  • aperture and speed priority settings
  • depth of field basics
Landscape Photography
Visit some truly stunning locations and put your knowledge into practice. Create amazing photographs that will far exceed your expectations.
Nocturnal Photography
There is a certain mystical magic when taking photographs at night and especially so under the light of a full moon; the landscape is transformed and bathed in a silvery vibrancy, the stars glisten and sparkle and everything looks “other worldly”.
Nature’s Chaos
Combining landscape photography with the concept of abstracts and chaos, this experience is designed to make you look at subjects in isolation to their surroundings whilst at the same time appreciating the relationships and connections to “the bigger picture”.

Prices start at €20 per person for 2 hour Basic camera Techniques (based on 4 people). Please note FAQs & Conditions.