What sort of camera do I need?
All experiences on offer from CABO DE GATA PHOTOGRAPHY require clients to provide their own digital camera, preferably a D-SLR. We can accommodate people using compact or subcompact cameras but the potential range of available functions may limit what we can show you.

See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_camera for text-book type definitions of camera types.


What kind of weather can I expect?
Throughout the year it is sunny during the day. In summer, temperatures can rise to about 40 deg. C and in winter they can drop to 8 or 9 deg. C. During spring and winter, you may experience some rain. Lighting can vary greatly throughout the year and there is no real good / bad time to come and take a photography experience though during winter into spring, the landscape usually offers an amazing array of colours.


Please view this website to get an idea of the kind of weather to expect – click here for details. Please also refer to “VERY IMPORTANT” notes below.


What should I wear?
During the daytime in spring, summer and early autumn we recommend you wear light-weight clothing and a good pair of walking shoes. In winter you may need something a bit warmer. Please view this website to get an idea of the kind of weather to expect – click here for details. Please also refer to “VERY IMPORTANT” notes below.


Where do I stay during the experience and how do I get there?
CABO DE GATA PHOTOGRAPHY are based in San José near Almeria and can offer transfer to / from Almeria airport on request. We can also arrange accommodation via any number of accommodation agencies, hotels, hostals, etc, please visit our links page for further details of what is available. There are many types of accommodation available from a simple one bedroom apartment to a three bedroom family house, costs vary accordingly and according to each season. Please contact us well in advance if you wish us to organise this. For more information on accommodation, flights, car hire, etc., please visit our links page.


Where do the experiences take place?
The Basic Camera Techniques experiences will be carried out in the Sierra de Cabo de Gata within walking distance of San José town centre. Locations may include Cala Higuera, Playa de Los Genoveses and Playa de Mónsul. Some of the terrain is rough and undulating so a good pair of walking shoes is recommended. Other photography experiences are more bespoke and take place at a number of locations including Desierto de Tabernas, Arrecife de Las Sirenas and Rodalquilar. These can be tailored to suit individual requirements and vary in levels of (walking) difficulty / accessibility. Again a good pair of walking shoes is advisable and often necessary. It is important you understand that some of these locations are remote and there are NO services or public conveniences. If you have a particular disability or a medical condition that may affect your mobility, please mention this at the time of making your booking enquiry.


Is lunch and / or are refreshments provided?
Lunch and refreshments are not provided by CABO DE GATA PHOTOGRAPHY as part of the photography experience and you should ensure that you have plenty of water. At most of the locations, there are no facilities for food and drink so the advice would be to eat first or bring a packed lunch. However on completion of the photography experience and on return to San José town centre, it is always nice to sit and have a drink together and share our thoughts on the day. Of course this is optional!


How are the prices for the photography experiences calculated?
The costs for 2012 / 2013 of the photography experiences are based on distances travelled, number of people attending and number of days duration. With some of the experiences carried out further afield and over a period of several days, there may be a requirement for overnight accommodation and meals. Costs for this would always be given separately and in advance unless they are specifically included. All prices would be confirmed after a brief consultation where applicable and prior to the experience being carried out.

We always appreciate that they may be couples or groups of people who would prefer not to be part of a larger group and are always happy to provide prices in this respect.

Prices do NOT include accommodation, lunches and airport transfers, see relevant FAQ above.


In additional to your photographic equipment,

  • to bring sunscreen
  • to bring insect repellant
  • to have available some form of “cover-up”
  • to bring a good supply of water
  • to wear good walking shoes
  • to bring any necessary medication (e.g. anti-histamines, inhalers, prescribed medicines)

Useful to have,

  • tissues
  • sanitizing hand gel
  • food / snacks
  • spare rubbish / refuse bags

Your photographic equipment is your own responsibility. Please ensure that your photographic equipment is adequately insured, CABO DE GATA PHOTOGRAPHY accept no liability for damage or any aspect of clients’ property.

The sun can be very hot and at many of the locations there is not much natural shade. Please be aware of the risk of sunburn and make sure you are adequately protected.

For weather reporting in Cabo de Gata, please click here.