Car Hire Rip Off!

…well, I don’t like writing notes like this but I feel I ought to warn the general public about a car hire company that I had a problem with.


Easirent Car Hire, Stanstead Airport. I booked the car at what seemed to be a good price via RentalCars.Com who after taking the initial fee no longer want to help with my complaint. My complain is as follows:

I collected the car from Easirent Car Hire, Stanstead from an assistant who was very polite & friendly and explained that the car came with £30 of fuel which I paid for. The tank was just about 1/2 full. I let the fuel run down until the warning light came on and put in £10 worth of fuel which came to just under 1/2 full so my first complaint is that there was no way £30 of fuel, I would estimate about £15 at the most and I consider this to be generous.

My second complaint is that when collecting the car, ALL the wheels were marked as damaged. During my hire period, I had ONLY driven on roads and parked in shopping centre car parks and lo and behold, the company has taken money from me for damage to the front wheel (tyre).

So what happened when I made my complaint?? Well actually nothing!!!! RentalCars.Com don’t want to know and Easirent Car Hire customer services have so far just ignored my complaint and repeated emails.

To date, I have been debited €393.71 for a 4 day car hire – does that seem fair?


Now, advice please…. can I take legal action??

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