My Final Degree Show at SHU Sheffield

I had the pleasure of working with Chris a few times looking for suitable locations around the Almería province for his degree. A very interesting show / exhibition, I only wish I could see it all in real life!

… please see here for Chris’s kind words on our trips together –


Suspiro Moro -looking inside Suspiro Moro -looking inside

After three years, that have flown, my final degree show is nearing the end. It has been described as a video documentary/installation (well that covers a lot of bases). The title is Suspiro Moro (The Moor’s Sigh) and is based on my interests in Almeria Province in Spain and the thoughts of Susan Sontag and Roland Barthes. A video of the installation and, separately, a copy of the PowerPoint narrative (click on Suspiro Moro) are loaded under Work – Time based. To my amusement I found my earliest work at SHU languishing on the same page – Hinge in the Peak also a PowerPoint, I’ll let the viewer decide if I have progressed!

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