Perseids Meteor Shower

Well, I’m still in the UK just now and am very happy to bear witness to the wonderful Perseids meteor showers over the past few days.

The Perseids are generally considered the most active and reliable of the 64 meteor showers that Earth passes through every year and can be seen every August. The Perseids were once part of comet Swift-Tuttle. At 27 kilometres across, this is one of the largest. It orbits the sun every 133 years and last passed by in 1992.

I saw the meteor showers on 11 & 12 August; on 11 August I watched the skies from Alice Holt Forest near Farnham, Surrey and managed to get some good photographs of the shooting stars. You can see them just above the tree line slightly to the right of centre.

Alice Holt Forest

On 12 August where the meteor storm was at its peak I went to Christmas Common near High Wycombe and although I saw many more shooting stars, I didn’t get so many photographs of them.

In this next photo you can clearly see the Milky Way and if you look to the top right, you can see a meteor.

Milky Way

Milky Way

From last night I also like this picture – as I was taking the photo, a car pulled up with its headlights on and lit up some of the trees… a nice accident but no shooting stars in this one 🙂

Headlight accident!

Headlight accident!

As you may have gathered, I have an affinity with the night sky, I love looking at the stars and the moon and feel an amazing strong connection with so much.


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