Thunder Moon

Well as I write I am sat here in the UK and have been having a strange time lately with a number of things that I won’t go into. Anyways, Monday / Tuesday was the full moon and this month the names are “Hay Moon”, “Buck Moon” and my favourite, the “Thunder Moon”, yes, I like that one being a lover of storms!

As I was in UK, Marlow to be precise, I went up West Wycombe Hill, home of the infamous Hell Fire Club for my night-time sally.

Thunder Moon

Thunder Moon

The Hellfire Club was located in the caves below West Wycombe hill and at the top is St. Lawrence’s Church and the Mausoleum which along with the caves was built by Sir Francis Dashwood, founder of the Hellfire Club. The church-yard is like a scene straight from a ghost story of M.R. James.

St. Lawrence's Church

St. Lawrence’s Church

Couldn’t resist doing a moody black & white shot of the church-yard…. mwah-hah-hah!




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