The secrets of the beehive

Well crazy as it seems, over the past few months and possibly as far back as November, not one week has passed without a conversation about bees. Although I like bees and know a few people who keep them and in the past have sponsored a bee colony in Rumania, or something like that. There is however a more serious side to bees that maybe you know, maybe you don’t… the world bee population is in decline and when you consider that bees are necessary for pollination, when the bees go, the food goes. Perhaps not quite as drastic as that but we should all bee aware that we need to encourage bee populations.

Bee doing what they do best :-)

Bee with flower 🙂

There are many theories for the decline in the numbers of bees amongst them beeing climate change, pesticides and more recently, GMO crops – the theory beeing that the GMO crops don’t produce the same amount of pollen as normal crops because they don’t need to bee pollinated in the same way, thus the amount of pollen produced is not enough to support the colonies, so think of this when you buy your next MacDonald’s burger!

So about these bee keepers; I would say that you need to have an incredibly good memory if you are keeping bees as it must bee nearly impossible to remember all their names. And I sometimes wonder whether anyone keeps them for the fur rather than the honey 🙂

Here are a few interesting articles about the decline in the number of bees, it is actually a well documented fact with lots of information to support the various theories –


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