European Chameleon

Well today was a really big tick-box day for me because I saw a chameleon for the first time!

European Chameleon, Chamaeleo chamaeleon

European Chameleon Chamaeleo chamaeleon

 I just noticed it crossing the path in front of me and followed it for a while… amazing!

...and then into the brush!

…and then into the brush!

The European chameleon normally lives in the bushes often low to the ground where it walks and climbs with slow and heavy movements. Its maximum activity takes place in the daytime. When it is disturbed, it swells and threatens to open mouth as I witnessed.

When it thinks it's under threat

When it thinks it’s under threat

It is a solitary animal and territorially intolerant of peers, except in the mating season. To mark its territory if another individual comes near, it sits in places where it can be seen easily and begins a series of threatening movements and discoloration. In mid-autumn with the drop in temperatures, the European chameleon becomes dormant and remains hidden until the following spring, although you can see some isolated specimens in the hot sand.

Chamaeleo chamaeleon

Chamaeleo chamaeleon


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