A while ago I wrote a post including some testimonials, since then of course I need to update this post!!! 🙂 So from the very top, an update of testimonials from people from all walks of life…

Martina from Bordeaux (now living near Alicante) enjoyed two excursions with me, one on her own and with her partner Martin;
Je voulais vivre quelque chose de vraiment beau et exceptionnel dans un des sites les plus sauvages d’Espagne du sud.

Sur le site web du Parque Natural de Gata, j’ai eu la chance de trouver Martyn Thomson. Il est photographe professionnel et propose de magnifiques parcours au coeur du parque natural de Gata-Nijar . Que ce soit la “ruta de las mineras “sur laquelle j’ai pu voir de fabuleux anciens villages miniers aurifères que longent d’ incroyables formations rocheuses aux formes surprenantes, aux couleurs allant de l’ocre doré au noir, au rouge et jusqu’au blanc le plus pur , ou encore les impressionnates dépressions géologiques du désert des Tabernas, j’ai vécu en ta compagnie des heures inoubliables. Tu es compétent, disponible aussi et cela est assez rare , j’ai vraiment apprécié. Tu m’as fait découvrir un peu de l’histoire de ce lieu hautement mythique où de nombreux westerns très connus ont été tournés, où des gens ayant vécu là ont inspiré le célèbre écrivain poète Fédérico Garcia Lorca entre autres. Tu m’as aussi fait rencontrer des hôtes charmants au B&B Del Cortijo Del Campillo.

Je n’ai qu’une envie: revenir souvent et continuer à découvrir d’autres sites sauvages, escalader d’autres volcans, admirer d’autres points de vue, apprendre davantage sur cette région et ses habitants

Grand merci Martyn et à très bientôt

From left to right: Martin from Essex, Martina from Bordeaux & Ketan from Rotterdam

From left to right: Martin from Essex, Martina from Bordeaux & Ketan from Rotterdam

Geoffrey from Bewdley sent me an email with these kind words;
Thanks very much for yesterday, not only very informative from a photographic point of view, which is what I wanted, but astonishing from an interest view point. I have been coming to this area for forty years but you showed me views I have never seen just off the beaten track.

Thanks again for a worthwhile and most enjoyable experience.

Arrecife de las Sirenas - from where Geoff hadn't been!

Arrecife de las Sirenas – from where Geoff hadn’t been!

Michael & Sally from London came to visit me during the Semana Santa;
Greetings and thanks for your excellent introduction to the Cabo de Gata Natural Park.

My wife, Sally and I were delighted to be shown such a variety of interesting and beautiful subjects in your Cabo de Gata Photography tour.

I was fascinated by the brilliant subtle colours of the bedrock exposures at the old gold mines. Sally was delighted to see Avocets and the variety of birds in the wet lands & on the salt pans. The film-scapes were fun and one could see why Sergio Leone chose these locations. Your informed guiding showed us some of the treasures of the Park in comfort fitting to our interests and lack of youthful energy.

San Jose is a fine base for the excursions and we enjoyed the beach, cafes and well run peace of the Hostal Puerto Genovese as well as the tapas and friendliness of the nearby Octopus Bar & Restaurant.

San Jose and the Cabo de Gata Natural Park were well worth the detour as was your well researched tour of locations of great interest to us.

With best wishes and again thanks for the fine tours.

Michael & Sally Wilkins from London

Michael & Sally Wilkins from London

An "arty" shot of Semana Santa in Níjar by Michael Wilkins

An “arty” shot of Semana Santa in Níjar by Michael Wilkins

I have been out a few times with Gordon from Plymouth, now living in Retamar;
As an artist, writer and photographer living in Andalucia, I know how important it is to learn all one can about an area so that during travels associated with ones hobbies, you miss nothing!

Having lived in this area for many years, I thought, like many others, that I knew all that there was to know about this region. I then had the good fortune to meet Martyn Thompson.

Martyn is an energetic, enthusiastic and competent professional photographer, always on the look-out for the new location, the new angle and interesting composition for his work. He has acquired an in-depth knowledge of the local environment and goes to great lengths to portray what he sees, not only for his own pleasure, but to share the experience with others.

I have accompanied Martyn on one such an occasion when we spent almost a whole day at the Canyon de Yesos in the Andrax Gorge/Valley. An isolated area, surrounded by the natural beauty one finds on Martyn´s trips. I was able to photograph magnificent new features, sometimes with Martyn´s professional advice, as I am never too proud to learn! To ramble alone, you can miss a great deal; to ramble with Martyn is not only good exercise, but made that more interesting when accompanied by such an interesting and knowledgeable person.

If they don´t want to miss anything; anyone wanting to discover and record the gems of Andalucia, especially the area around Cabo de Gata and Almeria, would be strongly advised to contact Martyn as a guide before venturing out alone.

As a bonus, Martyn is an excellent saxophone player for those that enjoy all types of music. I had the recent pleasure of working with him in the making of a musical video recorded in this area.

Gordon D. S. Maddock.
Artist, author and photographer.

Well, I HAD to try out my remote control!

Myself & Gordon @ Rambla de los Yesos

The testimonial of a client from Pozo de los Frailes, inspired by one of my photographs is as follows;
I had a fabulous day out with my friend courtesy of Martyn.

Although we have both been living and working in the city of Almeria for 2 years and done the usual sightseeing, we both wanted to experience something different and off the beaten track.

One call to Martyn and it was all organised for us. We told him the kinds of things we would like to see and he certainly made our wishes come true. Even our Spanish friends hadn´t been to these places!

All in all a wonderful experience and one that I will definitely be repeating.

Thanks Martyn!

The photograph that inspired the call

The photograph that inspired the call

Chris from Sheffield, who has now visited me a few times has this to say;
I would like to thank you for most informative, educational and enjoyable expeditions around Cabo de Gata.

I was particularly pleased that you tailored our travels in line with our e-mail exchange before I arrived. I knew the kind of subject matter I wanted to photograph and the kind of effects I was looking for but was unsure how to achieve them and didn’t want to appear too much of a novice.

You organised the trips so I had the kind of scenes I wanted with the right kind of context plus your guidance on technique was invaluable. I really enjoyed the additional ideas you threw in (e.g. spaghetti Western locations) and knowledge about how the community is making use of the interest in such events.

Cala Arena (one of the many places I took Chris to on the first two of our excursions)

Chris on one of our more recent outings.

Chris on one of our more recent outings.

So, big thanks to the aforementioned people and especially a big thanks as always to Jesus Contreras for guidance and inspiration.


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