Cats (an update)

Well… “Pinky” baby male cat of mother, is now a regular visitor to the inside of the house and slowly becoming more timid and friendly but not enough to handle yet. We have recently witnessed his strength… oh boy, what a tough-nut! The mother still has no name and is still as timid and nervous as ever. The two tabby’s, Tigger & Tiger become more and more friendly and are regular visitors. During the recent cold spell, Tiger spent a lot of time indoors!

Cabo de Gata Photography

In common with many other Mediterranean places, San José has a large population of feral cats, usually found rummaging around the bins for whatever scraps of food they can find. As to whether the cats present a health problem or not is anyone’s guess but they are considered by some to be a nuisance along with cockroaches, ants, etc… It’s true to say that some cats do become diseased as a result of how they live but I’ve never seen any rats so their presence can’t be that bad!

In some areas of Almería province, there have been groups of volunteers who have undertaken neutering programmes to try to keep the cat population under control, the trouble is the cats often breed as fast as these programmes are being carried out. So you can only imagine how it would be without this volunteer action!

We moved to San José 18…

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