Martyn Thompson’s photostream

Arrecife de las Sirenas
Los FrailesAvenida de las PitasZephyrFordMercedes
Griffon vultureParque Natural de Cabo de GataParque Natural de Cabo de GataMarco, AlmerimarMarco, AlmerimarMarco, Almerimar
Marco, AlmerimarMarco, AlmerimarMarco, AlmerimarMarco, AlmerimarMarco, AlmerimarMinas de Oro

Well I DO have a Flickr account… another one of those websites that I don’t think all that much of but has much kudos… I don’t “dislike” it as much as I dislike LinkedIn but it ain’t far from it :-S


One response to “Martyn Thompson’s photostream

  1. I’m not a big fan of LinkedIn, either. I haven’t updated it in ages even though I know I should! I don’t have a flickr account, either… But I have an excuse. I’m not a photographer. 😛

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