Los Escullos

The area known as Los Escullos is one of absolute beauty but there is no town or pueblo there. There is a nightclub called Chaman, a hotel c/w hotel bar & restaurant. There is Castillo de San Filipe which you may have read about here, a “seasonal” late bar / night club based in a tent called Haima de Los Escullos and an amazing fossilised sand dune that goes on forever. From the track in front of the hotel, there is a foot path with some wonderful views that leads to Cala Higuera past the volcanoes known as Los Frailes and also past the beach known as Playa el Embarcadero.

Los Escullos is a stunning location and attracts many visitors largely due to the fossilised sand dunes and in particular the outcrops know as Los Arcos.

One of "Los Arcos".

One of “Los Arcos” – as seen from the beach

Lately I’ve become a bit taken with trying to replicate the colours that you can get with the Cibachrome technique, something I learned many moons ago! The colours of the day and the terrain around Los Escullos I think are enhanced to good effect – there is an almost “lunar” feel to the landscape.

Los Frailes & the "lunar" landscape

Los Frailes & the “lunar” landscape

Fossilised sand dunes

Fossilised sand dunes

The battery or castle of San Felipe (Castillo de San Filipe) was designed in 1735 by Philip Crame during the reign of Carlos III. Construction began in 1765 combining in its plane barbette battery of artillery on the seafront, with common rooms, chapel and barracks, arranged around a courtyard and one hornabeque with barbican and ditch. These days the castle is used for art exhibitions, concerts and wedding receptions although over the past few years, the decaying condition of the castle is minimising the amount of available space for such events.

Castillo de San Filipe

Castillo de San Filipe

The few beaches around Los Escullos are stunning.

Isleta del Moro in the background

Isleta del Moro in the background

Rock formations from the fossilised sand dunes

Rock formations from the fossilised sand dunes

Looking towards one "Los Arcos"

Looking towards one “Los Arcos”

Spring is definitely in the air and the Parque Natural de Cabo de Gata is slowly waking up, flowers are springing up everywhere and there are lots of things happening over the next few weeks – watch this space!!!!!

Yellow aster

Yellow sea aster (Asteriscus maritimus)


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