International woman’s day

In honour of International Woman’s Day I want to tell you all something…

The most inspiration (young) woman in my life is my daughter Heather. I watch her growing up and meeting life’s happy and sad moments with a mix of optimism and dread. I see how sometimes she deals with problems well and other times, the problems get the better of her and deeply upset her. I have watched her varied reactions to different people and situations and sometimes how the reactions and opinions change over the years. I marvel at how despite everything, she is the first person to help anyone out and will do whatever she can to help, often at risk of great personal criticism. I am watching her growing up and finding her own path through life and can see that at times it’s not the easiest thing. Above all she is doing ALL of these things with a defiant independence that makes me proud and inspires me. I realise of course that most of us go through similar issues growing up but whether in the grand scheme of “worldly” things all this counts for anything or not, I couldn’t give a stuff – SHE is my inspiration, I am proud of her and that’s that!

Heather @ Almócita, August 2012

Heather @ Almócita, August 2012 (my current favourite photo of Heather)

As with all parents / children, we’ve had our differences over-the-years but I like to think that I am a supporting force in her life rather than a controlling one. In her own words (paraphrasing), “I am like a soufflé if you leave me to get on with it I’ll be fine, but if you keep pushing me or checking on me, I’ll collapse”.

Heather as a baby with her brother Dale.

Heather as a baby with her brother Dale.

So, there-you-go!


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