People and their phones (a continuation)

Some time ago, last October in fact, I posted a few photographs in a blog post entitled “People and their phones…” This was because a friend of mine had given me an idea for a project. I didn’t really think that much to it until recently when I thought… “why not?” So here’s what I have so far and I want to state that this is a personal project for non-commercial purposes i.e., there is no financial gain for anyone.

In most cases, the people who you can see have given their permission to be photographed (sometimes retrospectively!) however, if there is any objection to the use of any of these images, I am happy to discuss the matter further. Anyways, all that said, I hope you like the project thus far.

Where would we be without our mobile phones? This is a question I heard once on an awful currency exchange website, but it does bear thinking about. Where would we be without our mobile phones? These days our mobile phones wake us up, remind us when and where we should be, our mobile phones are our cameras, our navigation systems, our translators, calculators, our email on-the-move and they even allow us to call each other! This series of photographs is an illustration of our times… without any doubt, we are slaves to our phones!

I’ll probably make this an ongoing project and as and when I find more material, I’ll make additions separately – but let’s see how this all goes first.


4 responses to “People and their phones (a continuation)

  1. Interesting! It’s fun to see what phones people have. Mine’s a bit of a talking point because it’s sooo old and cheap. Everyone goes “Oh, do you have What’s App?”, then they laugh and pass my phone around when they see what I’ve got.

  2. Sad but true and plenty of fodder for your project! You can’t go anywhere without seeing people using their phones.and the kids have been brought up with them – really annoys me when you are having a conversation and the other person is interacting with their phone at the same time.

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