Well I have to say that in this instance, I am a copycat… why? I hear you asking 🙂 Well, I looked in on a fellow bloggers site and noticed she was a member of the network so I checked it out and thought… why not?

Here is my entry –

I guess I ought to find a suitable photograph now, after all, I AM a photographer! Hmmm… how about something that shows the sharing of a happy moment (just like what I stand for :-))?

This photograph was taken by Amber on the island of Hvar in Croatia. This is me and an Argentinian guy I met sharing a musical moment. I love this photograph not only for what is shows but also look at the happy face of the guy behind. He is the owner of the bar where the Argentinian worked picking grapes for their home-made wine. A beautiful moment brilliantly captured. Check out Amber’s blog.

Photo by Amber McClean

Photo by Amber McClean

Finally, the blog I copied the idea from – This is a nice blog about an expat living in Barcelona.


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