The Wolf Moon

It doesn’t seem like (almost) a year ago I wrote about the second full moon of the year, the snow moon. Well tonight for one night only… and in fact for some of this morning too, here is the FIRST full moon of the year. The name of this moon is the slightly more romantic “Wolf Moon” although it also has a number of other names including, Ice Moon, Old Moon and in Hindu, “Paush Pornima”. In Spanish this moon is also known as “Luna de Lobo” (Wolf Moon) as well as the less romantic “Luna Vieja” (Old Moon).

The Wolf Moon

The Wolf Moon

I do have a bit of a passion for night-time photography and actually this time of year is the best time of year for it but it is very windy, a bit cloudy and cold and I’m nice and comfortable indoors so here is a nocturnal photograph of San José from my balcony, complete with lunar flares 🙂

San José @ night

San José @ night

So, that’s it and now I’m off to watch Company of Wolves, a stylish & dark re-telling of Little Red Riding Hood, aaaaawwhoooooooooooooooooo……….



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