Sad to see… more website updates

I was just updating the links on my website (and on this blog) and sadly I have to delete yet another tapas bar in San José, in fact the best one that ever-there-was. I’m told the reason for their closure is because of an increase in business rates from the local authorities and the proprietors whilst doing well over the summer months have a very diminished trade at other times of the year. Once their lease expired, they basically told the authorities where they can go and good for them… but not so good for us 😦 They tell me though that they are looking for alternative premises but OUTSIDE San José.

Goodbye El Valero... for now!

Goodbye El Velero… for now!

This is all too common, not just in my beautiful part of the world but I used to see it often in the UK; there would be a shop or bar that stands out from the normal “vanilla” offering that you see on every high-street but would be crippled by business rates – it’s not that there weren’t any customers or anything. The larger chains of course have many establishments in many places and to some extent can support themselves better, some of these chains, without mentioning Starbucks & Cafe Nero (amongst others), have even allegedly managed to avoid paying corporation tax (at the expense of others), so I guess that helps them! Unfortunately though, these larger chains are generally not as good as the smaller one-off independent places.

Anyways, none of this has anything to do with photography and is all a bit in passing. Cabo de Gata Photography are updating their website which is what led to the above in the first place. We are looking at including more combined activities in the future… don’t wanna say too much just yet though, you’ll have to keep an eye out 😉

Oh and the answer to the last blog post game… which only one person responded to, but I bet you all thought about it! It doesn’t matter how many squares you see, the point of the exercise is for me to encourage you to look and look again and maybe see things a little differently 🙂

How many squares do you see?

How many squares do you see?


5 responses to “Sad to see… more website updates

  1. Sorry to hear about the café. I think that’s what’s happening all over the world, but I do find independent cafes and small shops more interesting and more inviting.

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