See differently

In my recent post about social media (see What is social media REALLY doing for you?), I mentioned that when viewing photography in a gallery, you are viewing the work with its own sense of space. You can change your relationship with this sense of space as suggested in the blog post, simply by changing your physical position but also by changing your mental view-point. Looking at the photography work in relation to everything around it, not just the sense of space but other more physical objects.

Sunset @ Arrecife de las Sirenas

Sunset @ Arrecife de las Sirenas

Thinking laterally, as I like to do from time-to-time, this principle also applies to the photography itself. When we are out in the field with a camera, we should be constantly looking at the environment, constantly looking at the world around us; its sense of space, how everything around you is relative to the subject of your photograph and relative to you, looking at how your subject appears in isolation to its surroundings. There are in fact so many things that consciously we should be thinking. I know also that there is the “Alfred Hitchcock” school of thought that nothing exists outside the frame of the camera but you can only apply this philosophy if you know exactly what does exist in the first place.

A fundamental idea of the Cabo de Gata Photography experience is that we are not showing you anything that you can’t already see; these landscapes have been here for millions of years and will hopefully continue to be there for many more, our existence is but a blip on their time-line. We are showing you how to see it differently, we are showing you how to appreciate the sense of space through the lens of a camera, we are showing you the beauty of your subject both in relation to and in isolation from its surroundings. Along with associates and friends, we are showing you complimentary activities alongside our own experiences. Above all, we are encouraging you and your camera to interact differently with the world around you and of course, always promoting respect for the environment. All this is not to put-off potential clients, there is as much involvement as you like with these ideas… or not if you prefer, we can simply go out to nice places and take photos, you don’t even need to bring a camera if you don’t want to!

So, let’s play a little game – I have given a few talks at universities and conferences on what I do and normally sum it up with the following diagram… also, I’ve noticed that a similar version of this diagram has been shown around social media sites recently (do you see how neatly we got back onto that subject??).

How many squares do you see?

How many squares do you see?

How many squares can you see? Count them all; small ones, big ones – ones made up of four dots, ones of sixteen and so on… Once you have your number, look again – do you see any more that you didn’t see before? Count them again and then look again… Let me know how many you can see in the comments box below. I will give my answer in the next blog post. Have fun but don’t it take it too seriously, the game that is not the fun – fun should always be taken seriously 🙂


5 responses to “See differently

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  2. One of the first things I learned when I googled “photography tips” was this. Funny thing is that while I was in PR, I kept running into a bride getting their photos taken by their professional photographer. I took pics he never even did because he never walked around his subject. I got some amazing shots he never did. Too bad. But a big lesson for me!

  3. There’s so much to learn and be aware of, but I think trusting instinct is important too. As for the squares: I tried counting, but had to recount and recount and then it was too much for me. 40 and then some, but I guess there are more. 🙂

    • I guees you realise by now that it doesn’t matter how many squares you see, the point is that you are looking at it differently each time you count! I stinct is good 🙂

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