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I’ve always struggled with the idea of reaching “perfection” with my view being that there is a driving force pushing you towards this ideal of perfection but what happens when you get there? Exactly as this blog post suggests, you move the goalposts, or worse, you have reached perfection and then there’s nothing left to strive for. There is nothing wrong with aiming higher but too many people, including me sometimes miss out on enjoying the ride in favour of reaching our ideals.

Footprints in the Sands of Time

Originally written for Gulf News “Off the Cuff”

(Was published in the paper on Friday the fourth)


(image via source for illustrative purposes only)


The anticipation has ended, the parties have finished, and the fireworks have fizzled out too. The year 2013 is finally here, and some of my more ambitious friends have talked about their goals and resolutions for the year. As for me, I have spoken little about what my own goals are. That’s because I don’t have any. Perhaps you would like to know why.

The goals one sets out for oneself imply the obvious: The person hasn’t got to where they would like to be in life. Goals exist because they would like to do better, because they would like to achieve something more. Let me give an example for the sake of clarity. Joe works as a manager in a company…

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