WordPress – About These Ads

Regular visitors to my blog will noticed I have changed the layout and today I noticed with the change of layout comes adverts that I don’t particularly want to display. I followed the link to the page About These Ads and read the content with interest.

Whilst I am not against the idea of placing ads in order to generate revenue, though to be honest I feel sure that WordPress probably make enough money from paid hosting, premium templates, etc… I am against certain types of ads appearing, namely ads related to any form of gambling which is something that disgusts me; I’ve seen many families torn apart by gambling and indeed have been affected by it myself. In no way do I condone the placing of these ads on my blog – I have politely requested that WordPress are a little more discerning and don’t place these ads on my pages – we shall see what happens.

On a related subject, I am NOT going to subscribe to the policy of having these ads placed against my will and then paying for them to be removed, this concept is out-of-order! It’s a little like me being paid to defecate in the offices of WordPress and then charging them to clean it up 🙂

Anyways, have a nice weekend y’all and enjoy the photograph of Pinky, the baby from the stray (see post entitled Cats from a few months ago).




One response to “WordPress – About These Ads

  1. I think the ads aren’t always posted to your blog. There was a time when I got a lot of ads, but then they quit. WordPress sort of cycles through their bloggers when placing ads. I didn’t encounter any ads on your blog today.

    By the way, I really like this new layout you’ve created. I like the theme. I may check it out myself.

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