Welcome to 2013

Cabo de Gata Photography are please to announce something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue for 2013.

Something old
Well, we maintain the same high standards of expertise and attendance in what we do.

Something new
We have revised our prices and approach to some of our experiences making them more eco-friendly and environmentally respectful and ultimately more attractive to you.

Something borrowed
We have been working with some amazing people over the past year and would be pleased to offer, or “borrow” their services alongside our own making some of our experiences that little bit more unique and specialised.

Something blue
This one is easy… the sky is ALWAYS blue in Parque Natural de Cabo de Gata!

And so in summary, our two most popular offerings…

The Basic Camera Techniques experience

Recommended mainly for beginners to show the benefits of moving away from the “Auto” setting on their camera.

Basic Camera Techniques

Basic Camera Techniques

There are two options for the Basic Camera Techniques experience as given below. Both of these experiences will take you on location to the beautiful Sierra de Cabo de Gata; a relatively easy but sometimes undulating walk from San José town centre.

  • 2 hour experience:
    This is an introduction to Basic Camera Techniques and will take you by foot to either the stunning cove of Cala Higuera or Campillo de los Genoveses to learn and practice your skills.
  • 4 hour experience:
    This experience will take you to a number of locations from San José (on foot) e.g. Playa de la Calilla, Campillo de los Genoveses, Playa de los Genoveses.

During the above experiences, you will learn about aperture and speed priority settings, depth of field basics and will be introduced to the manual settings on your camera, as appropriate to your camera. You will also gain a basic understanding into the rules of composition and will instantly see the difference in your photography. The four-hour experience will cover these in more detail, especially the ‘Manual” or “M” settings.

Landscape Photography experience

This can be taken as a stand-alone experience for clients who have some photographic knowledge and are just looking for locations or for clients who have attended the Basic Camera Techniques and wish to extend and practice their skills.

Having worked with a number of clients we have identified a number of short routes that make the best of the natural light. This year in order to make our offering more environmentally focused, we will carry out as much of our operations as possible by foot, i.e. to meet / park at a designated public place and walk to the locations.

These routes are as follows:

  • Rutas de Oro / Routes of Gold (approx. 4 hours)
    This route is perfect for those who like to photograph locations where the has been evidence of human intervention in the natural landscape, e.g. ruined buildings, abandoned villages.
Rutas de Oro / Routes of Gold

Rutas de Oro / Routes of Gold

  • Ruta de Cabo de Gata / Route of Cabo de Gata (approx. 4 hours)
    This route takes us to some beautiful natural locations along and near to the stretch of coastline that is commonly known as Cabo de Gata or Playa de San Miguel.
Rutas de Cabo de Gata / Routes of Cabo de Gata

Rutas de Cabo de Gata / Routes of Cabo de Gata

  • Ruta del Desierto / Route of the Desert (approx. 6 hours)
    The Tabernas desert is home of many of the great Spaghetti Westerns including the seminal films (movies) of Sergio Leone. It is also Europe’s ONLY true desert!
Ruta del Desierto / Route of the Desert

Ruta del Desierto / Route of the Desert

Complimentary transport to / from San José to these locations can be provided as a courtesy but it does NOT form part of the experience and as so, wouldn’t be covered by our normal insurances. By accepting our offer of complimentary transport, you are accepting liability for ALL risks during transportation.

There is almost an infinite amount of beauty in Parque Natural de Cabo de Gata and around the province of Almería, it is impossible to list it all here but we can offer a “tailor-made” itinerary. After an initial consultation (by email, phone or in person), we will determine what types of landscape you would like to see; desert, mountains, beaches, traditional villages and also how long you’d like to spend on this experience. We can show you around several locations over a period of a few days or simply one or two locations in one day. This can include experiences previously offered by Tuco Tours and mentioned in this blog.

For further details including our new “leaner” pricing, please visit our website and follow the links in the right-hand-side as appropriate.


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