The wonders of nature!

The wonders of nature are not to be underestimated; as beautiful as they are, they are also powerful and at times destructive. We have witnessed this in the news recently and I have also seen this first hand with the floods in the province of Almería during September. In fact, as I am writing this there is a hurricane outside, as to what the damage will be, well we shall see tomorrow. In the immediate vicinity of my house so far this year strong winds and hurricanes have claimed a tree in our garden and two substantially sized mimosa trees at the end of our road.

So summing up, we have floods, hurricanes, fires (sometimes but not always man-made!)… oh and earthquakes! BUT it’s lovely here! I am listening now to the howling of the wind, which actually sounds beautiful… the sound of “things” being blown around outside though, not-so-good!

This video was made (not by me) a few hours before I went to Vera Playa to play a concert…

Here are some photos taken during some bad weather a while ago.

Iglesía de San Miguel

Iglesía de San Miguel

I got soaked taking this next photo!

Arrecife de las Sirenas

Arrecife de las Sirenas

…and just to show that we do have snow in Almería!

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

The hurricane has died down a little now but never-the-less, I’m looking forward to seeing all the big wheelie bins on their sides tomorrow 🙂


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