What a strange creature Wikipedia is – for once in my life I have something to add and feel knowledgeable enough to not only contribute to an article but also pretty much write one from scratch.  So, it comes to adding my photos to support these articles and boooooom, a minefield! Well, I guess the rules are there to protect but they’re not exactly made clear, or at least I don’t think they are. It’s simply not enough to say that you are giving your photograph to be used freely by Wikipedia, you have to make a Creative Commons declaration and upload the file in a specific way. Once the process has been pointed out to you, is fairly easy to follow but to deduce this from reading their help pages… well as they say here in Spain, uff!! I have to say though the “moderators” if that’s the right word, have so far been very helpful but it is a shock when you receive a message that coldly tells you your image is scheduled for deletion 🙂

I haven’t really got a photograph to support this post so here’s one from my roof top terrace of about a week ago…

San José

San José


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