When I was at college, I favoured photographers who used black and white techniques – I found that more emotion could be contained within the confines of the limited tonal system. Of course, I had to “do” colour photography as part of the course and I enjoyed some aspects of it very much but my soul was in black and white and to some extent even today, I tend to be drawn more to black and white photography. These days, I mostly use colour because on a more commercial level, I feel more people identify with it, especially with landscapes and nature photography… I guess that means I’m selling out 🙂

During my course, I discovered the colour work of people like Elliot Porter & Ernst Haas and fell in love with the idea that it was enough for colour itself to be the subject of the photograph. It’s interesting to see that there is an increase in the use of retro photography techniques with the numbers of people using apps like Instagram & Hipstamatic on the increase. Personally I like these apps, the quality and clarity of the photograph generally suffers but the process supports the notion that it’s enough for the colour and to some extent, shape and form to be the subject.

Last Saturday I went to a local market in Cabo de Gata, the sun was shining although it wasn’t particularly all that warm but the colours of everything were amazing to behold. The market was nothing special, just regular food & clothing stalls together with the hustle & bustle that you would expect at such places.

Los colores del mercado, Cabo de Gata

Los colores del mercado, Cabo de Gata

Los colores del mercado, Cabo de Gata

Los colores del mercado, Cabo de Gata

Los colores del mercado, Cabo de Gata

Los colores del mercado, Cabo de Gata

Los colores del mercado, Cabo de Gata

Los colores del mercado, Cabo de Gata


9 responses to “Colour

  1. Lovely capture of colors at the market. I love that huge, yellow wall! I find myself just the opposite of you. Yes, I am drawn to black and white photos, but I have difficulty photographing images with that in mind. I tend towards color. I’m trying to work in b/w images, but it’s difficult for me.

    • Cabo de Gata is an unusual place as many of the villages and towns around (and including) where I live are the typical white-washed Andalucian pueblos, Cabo de Gata has walls of yellow, orange, deep red and ochre… mustn’t forget ochre, the most universal of all colours LOL!

      I don’t do that much b & w these days, certainly not as much as when I used film when I ONLY used monochrome (and infrared). A basic understanding of the zone system is good for visualising b & w, but it’s a fairly complex idea to get your head round at first… I tend check the “curves” in the histogram to make sure there isn’t a spike to the right, under-exposed is OK as long as it isn’t too much. To some extent, you can compensate with software just as you would in the dark-room if it were a print. Though this is all well and good, but don’t let it get in the way of your enjoyment – that’s the most important thing 🙂 Your colour photos are amazing!

      • I used to teach design theory and one of the ways I taught the students how to see tonal contrasts in color was to do a straight conversion to b/w (in Photoshop, since PS was the application I was teaching also). If an image doesn’t have contrast in b/w then the tonal contrast in color is out of balance, also, (more complicated than that, but it will do for now) and that’s not optimal. Thanks for the compliment. I enjoy seeing your world. It is so much more interesting than mine is! And I’m glad you are back on your feet so you can go out and take more photos. 🙂

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