More photography maintenance

Every now and then someone asks me if a particular photograph has been “Photoshopped” and I’m never sure what to think of this question. I rarely use Photoshop and if anything, I might crop the photograph, retouch spots or adjust the curves in iPhoto and that’s about it. I do use Photoshop but very rarely and even more rarely on my own photographs. Possibly it’s obvious when I do use any treatments, like in my recent post about London (Zen and the art of photograph maintenance). I prefer simplicity and I don’t think much of this recent HDR trend either. The effect in the photo below of a juvenile black-winged stilt has been created using possibly the most simplest of techniques.

Black-winged Stilt (Juvenile)

The following photograph is an example of where I have used Photoshop quite extensively but for restoration purposes – just something else I do if anyone is interested!

Restored photograph


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