People and their phones…

Someone gave me an idea for a project, “people and their phones” but I dunno…. photographing people is not something I’ve ever felt that comfortable with, even with people I know – at college it was always my weak spot though I acknowledge it’s something I have to do 🙂

The three following photographs were however taken because the person in the picture was using their phone and are the only ones I have on this theme. As to whether I’ll take up the challenge of the project – who knows!! There are so many other ideas I want to explore first.

People and their phones

People and their phones

People and their phones

On another subject… sometime ago I was asked if I had any photographs of lighthouses by a friend of a friend who is writing a book about them. The original article can be read here. Anyways, the friend of a friend has selected one of the photographs to use… so that’s nice!

Chipiona, Spain

Chipiona, Spain

Watch this space for further updates…


9 responses to “People and their phones…

  1. I like the idea of people and their phones. At first, I expected to see photos of what people were photographing with their phones (since that’s what I secretly take photos of), but I was surprised to see a more comprehensive view of people and their phones. I think it would be an interesting social commentary.

    And congrats on the lighthouse photo. It really is intriguing.

  2. Nice photos…especially of people with their phones. Nowadays, people are so engulfed in their smartphones that they do not realize the scenery they are missing surrounding them, nor are they aware what type of pose they are in.

  3. I really like the people and their phones theme. My favourite is the first one. And the lighthouse shot is just very beautiful. I love the reflection. 🙂

  4. Congratulations on your photo being selected for use. That’s always a good feeling.

    As for the project of people with phone. I’m sure you will have no problem finding someone with a phone in hand these days. Personally, I don’t like to take pictures of people unless I can get a model release. First, without a release, I would not be able to sell the image. And even if it’s just posting it innocently on a free blog; it’s still not something I would do comfortably because you just never know how someone would react without being compensated.

    • Actually, I normally ask permission first and make it clear why I want the photo and where I will use it, I never make money from the photos (and I only ever sell landscapes). There are occasions where I shoot first and then ask the people if I can use the photo afterwards, this has the advantage of allowing me to show them the photo! I then hand over a flyer with my contact details on and tell them to contact me if they have issues in the future. No-one ever has but I have had people request that I don’t take photos , a request that I always honour.

      As for compensation – normally I’ve found that when people want compensation it’s not because they object to the photo, it’s simply that they want money from you and I’d sooner delete the photo than subscribe to this culture 🙂

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