A warning to the curious…

I wouldn’t normally write about personal experiences but when we think we can do anything and there is reminder of our mortality then I feel the experience must be shared as a warning for others to take care!

What am I talking about? I hear you saying… well, about six weeks ago I went to the beautiful Las Canales de Padules with my daughter Heather and was happily climbing up the waterfalls when I decided to climb up a rock and take a photo looking down along the river, no problem I thought except as I was climbing back down, a combination of a wet rock and worn soles on my rock-shoes caused me to fall landing on my knee and hand simultaneously… OUCH!!! Following an outburst of expletives and an extremely worried daughter telling me I need to go to hospital, I just carried on as any male would and ignored it and agreed with Heather that if the swellings didn’t go down soon, I’d get them seen to…

Las Canales de Padules

Now it’s the definition of “soon” that needs clarification here; needless to say after about four weeks the swelling in my knee hadn’t improved and was becoming a bit more painful and now very bruised but my hand was improving slowly, in fact I had actually played a number of concerts so I didn’t consider this to be a problem. Finally a few weeks ago I went to the hospital and had an x-ray of both my hand & knee, my hand is OK though still a little swollen but my knee, well that’s another story and I have to see a specialist 😦 I guess if I were to be honest, walking around on a damaged knee for a little over a month hasn’t helped things.

So people, the moral of this tale is that if anything happens to you that causes concern, don’t wait until you’ve been ahem, “prompted” by loved ones, seek attention as soon as possible!!!

Oh and as for the photo I took immediately before my fall, well actually I don’t think it is all that good and haven’t included it in any of my photo albums but just to illustrate that sometimes these silly risks aren’t worth taking, here it is!

The last thing I saw before tumbling down!


3 responses to “A warning to the curious…

  1. You are a naughty naughty boy & should have gone straight to the hospital as Heather wisely said ‘cos you could have done irreperable damage! I just hope that it’s less painful now & that all goes well with your visit to the specialist.x

  2. Ouch, Martyn. Sorry to hear about your injury… but yeah… that’s what happens when you try to be manly and ignore the pain. Seriously though, I hope you didn’t damage your knees too bad. And wish you a full recovery soon.

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