I can now name that bird!

…well at least I’m fairly confident that I can!

Early last month I visited the TV studios of InterAlmeriaTV to help promote the release of a friend’s poetry book, click here to read full details. During the visit to the TV studios, I met someone who was leaving with a bird of prey on his arm and it bugged me that I couldn’t quickly identify it. Anyways, today I was looking through a book simply entitled “Birds of Prey” and there was what I think is the bird… ladles and jellyspoons I name that bird the “Harris Hawk” aka Dusty or Bay-Winged Hawk (parabuteo unicinctus). I expect though it probably has a different name in Spanish – my next task!

For all that need reminding, here is the beautiful beast.

Harris Hawk

Harris Hawk

Of course if anyone knows different, please step forwards and put me straight.


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