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Well this article is very well thought out and echos my feelings. I’d even go as far to say that you should make the effort to go and find a local artisans network and see the sort of things on offer. That way you are playing a bigger part in sustainable tourism, that is assuming you are not buying I “love-heart” Spain t-shirts made in a sweat-shop in Haiti (you know the ones that are used by a huge corporation run by a mouse that I shall not name in case they come after me with magic wands) 🙂

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We have all heard the saying “been there, done that, got the t-shirt”, but it seems many travellers are taking far more than an “I love Spain” t-shirt home from their holidays abroad.

A recent survey by The Travel Foundation and The Association of British Travel Agents, released in time to coincide with ‘Make Holidays Greener Month’, has revealed that British travellers spend up to 10% of their holiday budget on souvenirs, but that many unwittingly take home souvenirs that are either illegal or environmentally damaging.

The holiday shopping report highlights confusion amongst travellers about what is an illegal souvenir and what is  not, and with a shocking eleven per cent believing it was okay to bring Ivory back from holiday (internationally banned in 1990), it seems the government and the responsible tourism sector has a lot of work to do.

While most travellers said they have good intentions and…

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