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For all of you who are thinking of coming to Almería and those of you already in Almería looking for something to do well here’s the latest, I’ve trimmed back the prices and added more Photography Experiences – how will YOU spend the week? Don’t forget if you need information about where to stay, where to eat, where to drink, etc… there is a fairly comprehensive list of ideas on our links page.

So, this is what you need to do now – click here and download our PDF telling you about the wonderful ways to fill your week and then get in contact with us.

…and if you want to know how good these experiences are, just ask Jenny!

Just ask Jenny!

Just ask Jenny!

Chris from Sheffield, a client of a few weeks ago, has this to say…

I would like to thank you for most informative, educational and enjoyable expeditions around Cabo de Gata.

I was particularly pleased that you tailored our travels in line with our e mail exchange before I arrived. I knew the kind of subject matter I wanted to photograph and the kind of effects I was looking for but was unsure how to achieve them and didn’t want to appear too much of a novice.

You organised the trips so I had the kind of scenes I wanted with the right kind of context plus your guidance on technique was invaluable. I really enjoyed the additional ideas you threw in (e.g. spaghetti Western locations) and knowledge about how the community is making use of the interest in such events.

So now over-to-you, come and join in the fun and see for yourself why I love Almería so much.


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