Under the Sea

Last year I bought an underwater camera which failed after about three uses so then came the ensuing discussions with the vendor, then the manufacturer and then once I’d convinced them the camera was faulty, the issues of getting it sent back. About last November, I got the replacement back and although it was a fairly quick turnaround by the manufacturer and hats off to them for that, I had to collect it from the UK. Anyways needless to say it was too late in the year to try it out so it sat on the shelf until a few days ago.

Starfish / Estrella del Mar

Starfish / Estrella del Mar

The reason I got this camera in the first place is because I drowned a Nikon D60 early last year in a special-purpose camera bag, which is about five years old now so I guess I should’ve known better! See previous post A sad day yesterday.

I’m still not convinced by this “new” camera yet, I like the notion of a point and shoot camera for underwater use but I’m not use to using a screen on the back having used a view-finder pretty much exclusively over the years. If there are specks of stray seaweed bobbing about in front of the subject, the camera focuses on this and there is no manual over-ride. When zooming in, I’m not so impressed by the photo quality. I guess what I really need to do, is take it out and practice more :-S

Where there is a definite subject and nothing to distract the camera, the quality is actually not bad.

Flounder / Lenguado

Flounder / Lenguado

This photograph was taken with the camera I sent back last year, so I guess it’s just getting more practice!



…and this is with D60 and camera bag, much better quality!

French Angel Fish

French Angel Fish (Tobago)

Back to a few days ago with the “new” camera.

Salema Porgy

Salema Porgy


15 responses to “Under the Sea

  1. That is quite a difference in quality. Yes, you should go snorkeling every day, to practice…yeah, to practice. That’s it. Not to swim and enjoy the underwater beauty. Just to…um…practice. 🙂

  2. I bought an underwater camera specifically for snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef, a couple of years ago, but I was disappointed with the colourless results.
    Now don´t get me wrong – I am only a very amateur photographer, but still – the results were a bit of a wash-out.

    I´ve just bought myself a Canon PowerShot SX220HS and I believe you can get a special case to take it underwater. Might give that a try when I go back to Australia in November – though from what I have read, many of the coral/fish colours are filtered out by the sunlight – so in reality the images might not be much better.

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