In accordance with my current “re-branding” my blog URL will change to and all future posts will be coming from this URL. Now here’s-the-rub, I’ve lost ALL my likes, lost ALL my followers and ALL my stats – there was me naively thinking all details would be exported / imported 😦

So…… IF (pretty please with cherries) you are all feeling charitable, I’d really, really appreciate it if you could go through and like the posts again, follow me again, share pages again, etc… but THIS time for the blog you are reading now and not the Martyn Thompson Photography one. A similar message is being sent from the other blog so please, don’t be mad for receiving this message twice, though of course if you do, it means I’ve managed to import my followers which is at least something.

I promise you all a 15 % discount on a trip as & when you get here and can’t thank you enough for your understanding!!

Don’t forget though this is the blog,, the one you are reading. The “other” blog will not be updated after this so your help is really valued.

In the meantime, here’s a “strange” photo of a pair of forks!! As found I tell you, as found – go figure!!

Pair of forks

Pair of forks


7 responses to “STOP PRESS!!!

  1. I updated my subscription to the new blog… I’ll need time to go back and like everything I did previously! Hopefully the transition can be smooth for you 🙂

  2. I had you in my Google Reader so I got the update. 🙂 Now this blog will pop up in Google Reader, too! It’s good to know that if I choose to change my blog (something I’m considering), that I’ll lose likes and comments. That means I have to at least copy the pumpkin story, right?

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