Still the same me…

So, my “brand name” is about to change to reflect what I do, where I do it and hopefully get better search engine ratings and ultimately more clients. Whilst the name changes, everything about is doesn’t, it’s still the same me giving the best service possible, loving the world and wanting to show you all the beauty of the province of Almería in Spain.

I await your visit and in the meantime unveil the virtual plaque that reads “Cabo de Gata Photography” and bless all who sail in her… maybe though, I should have waited before printing 2,500 leaflets 🙂

Cabo de Gata Photography

Cabo de Gata Photography

BTW, I’m thinking of canning the Trek Earth site but would be interested to hear what others think of it.

Finally I leave you with a question – should photography represent what you see or what is there?


5 responses to “Still the same me…

  1. The photographer interprets what s/he sees under both situations, so it’s difficult to say one is preferable over the other. I have been with others and we have photographed the same situations but our interpretations are vastly different. When I photograph solely for myself, I try to photograph what I see through a lens of feelings. I want to evoke an emotion of some kind and it’s up to me to make sure I accomplish my goal. There are other times when what I photograph is purely informational and doesn’t necessitate creativity. But even then, I pick the angle, the camera settings, etc.

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