It’s my pleasure

A few weeks ago my friend Germán Guirado told me he had a book of poems published entitled “Escritos de lápiz de labios” and today (Wednesday 6 June) he is reading some of them publicly and asked if I would accompany him on my saxophone – well it certainly is something different so of course I rose to this challenge. We had a rehearsal, well more of a run-through last Sunday and a brief TV appearance on live InterAlmeriaTV last night performing a few poems. So, tonight is the night and I’m looking forward to it.

Germán gave me a copy of his book on Sunday and in my naive understanding of Spanish I have started to read through the poems. Actually I am finding them surprisingly easy to read but dealing with some quite abstract ideas. Here is one of my favourite lines from a poem called Strawman,
“Hay demasiados hombres de letras,
demasiados hombres de letras sin palabra.”

Click on the flyer below to view more details about the event, the book and Germán (in Spanish).

Escritos de lápiz de labios

Escritos de lápiz de labios

As I arrived to the car-park of the TV station, a man was leaving the building with a bird of prey on his arm which I have yet to identify. Now I’m not really in support of birds of prey being kept in captivity but I don’t know the circumstances, this may have been from a sanctuary or a rescue bird or something so I decline to comment and did not really have time to chat with him. However, I had my phone and therefore a means to take a photograph and here it is.


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