Cooperativa Integral Cabo de Gata

Cooperativa Intergral Cabo de Gata

Cooperativa Intergral Cabo de Gata

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to attend the launch of the Cooperativa Integral Cabo de Gata at a Cortijo in San José known as Pez Verde (Green Fish). The purpose of this launch was to discuss the reasons that led to the promotion this project, its philosophy, objectives, services, activities, spaces available for dynamic, internal operations, legal cover and forms of association.

In summary, the objectives of this newly formed cooperative are given as follows and they have very clear-cut plans (short / medium and long term) to fulfill their objectives:

  1. Create a network for exchange of goods, services and knowledge between people and social organizations to recover the ethical dimension of human and economic activities, fostering an economy based on trust, reciprocity, solidarity, cooperation and a sustainable ecology, outside the rules of the capitalist market forces.
  2. Build a space to promote and grow organic products free of GMOs and toxins.
  3. Encourage services actually needed for day-to-day and self-employment projects, linked to real needs.
Cooperativa Intergral Cabo de Gata

Cooperativa Intergral Cabo de Gata

Yesterday was a fantastic day, all speeches and presentations were well delivered and easy to understand, even for a Londoner like me 🙂 and there was a comprehensive question and answer session afterwards. Some of the questions reflecting the more practical worries that the “consumer” might have, e.g. affordability and availability of products – some of these questions certainly pulled no punches… that is of course if I understood it all correctly!

I for one am in support of this initiative which I think comes at a good time – it’s a very difficult concept to get off the ground and to come this far is a big achievement in these troubled financial times, I truly hope that they will be able to sustain the project and realise their objectives, their hearts are most definitely in the right place to succeed.

Whatever YOU think of the cooperative you must agree that it is a positive step in a direction that in our hearts of hearts, we’d probably like to follow.

You can read more about the project in this blog (in Spanish) –

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…and last but not least, there was an amazingly delicious buffet afterwards – humble thanks to everyone concerned 🙂


One response to “Cooperativa Integral Cabo de Gata

  1. I sure hope they succeed. I am impressed with their objectives and hope that they can hold to them when they are tried. Sounds like a great organization to be involved with.

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