Photography as Therapy

Esther's winning photograph

Esther’s competition winning photograph

Following on from my post about Personal Landscapes a while ago, I came across this article which for me is an interesting read as it supports my theories about using photography as a complementary therapy and inspires me to look at this idea further. I am of course extremely happy that photography has helped Esther Lynn and congratulate her on her winning photograph. I am now even more convinced of the validity of photography as a form of therapy either in its own right, or as part of a more holistic approach.

Please, please, please read the blog article and perhaps if you feel so inclined, read more about the issues that people are having with mental health in the rest of the website & blog – 1 in 3 people have mental health issues.

This is the link –

2 responses to “Photography as Therapy

  1. I can tell you much about a subject which you write.
    I think that any activity of the human person, especially this, affected by the problems of their own health- is a fantastic form of therapy.
    Particulary on a field of creativity, art, photography …
    Triggers the so-called “happiness hormone” …
    Just find a certain “something” that gives joy to create and focus enough attention not to think about their own problems or disability.
    I’m is such an example, when I have to beat restrictions
    Drawings from this website have been performed lying on my stomach, waiting for surgery of the spine …

    and and working on my stained glasses let’s me forget about all problems…

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