New Links Page

…well OK, maybe not TOTALLY new but very much updated. The idea being that this page serves as a quick reference alphabetical list of links in San José rather than a concise directory of companies & activities. I hope anyone intending to come over at any point finds it useful but as ever, please contact me if you need further information.

It’s always dangerous to say what your intentions are as if they don’t come off, there’ll be a few people to pick you up on it BUT, I’m hoping in the not-too-distant future to include a little bit of information on the bars & restaurants that I have listed, you’ll notice that not all of them have links – well, not all of them have websites, nearly all have Facebook pages though 🙂

Spanish Flag

Spanish Flag

And as if this wasn’t enough, I’ve been working my best on a Spanish translation of the links page which you can find here – or by clicking on the Spanish flag at the bottom of the English links page as shown in the illustration. If anyone finds any glaring errors in the translation, please let me know and appreciate that I did my best. Am I going to regret saying that?



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