Exhibitions, exhibitions, exhibitions…

Dick File

Dick File

Well it seems that this time of year is the time for art exhibitions, no coincidence that it coincides with Semana Santa (Holy Week)! Semana Santa means that the Parque Natural de Cabo de Gata sees a sharp increase in the number of visitors… as does the whole of Andalucia.

So let’s begin with the Rodalquilar Art Exhibition – this is a lovely mixed exhibition of painting, stained glass and photography by (mostly) local artists at the Sala de Exposiciones, Calle de Bocamina, Rodalquilar. The exhibition runs 1 – 9 April. 11.00-14.00 and 17.00-20.00 and features painting from Dick File (no weblinks) and Laura Quintana, stained glass from Penni Allen and photography by Martyn Thompson, do you recognise that name? If you are in the area and want to call in, this is the Google Location Map Link. All work exhibited is for sale and there are some very good pieces.

There are a couple of reviews on various blogs as follows:

Exposición de Cuadros (Margaret Merry's own photo)

Exposición de Cuadros (Margaret Merry's own photo)

For eagle-eyed amongst you, you’ll know that another of my passions is music. Last Tuesday (3 April) I went to play my saxophone in Las Negras and also visited the exhibition of Margaret Merry entitiled “Exposición de Cuadros“. The exhibition is in the conference room at the Hotel Cala Grande and runs until 25th May. The exhibition features 20 original paintings and a selection of limited edition prints, all works are for sale.

mujer grande, hierro oxidado y madera, 200 cm (Ulli's own photo)

mujer grande, hierro oxidado y madera, 200 cm (Ulli's own photo)

Staying with a musical theme for a while, I was invited by my friend and sculptor Ulli Butz to come and play my saxophone at the opening of his joint exhibition with Hans Bömer at Castillo de San Felipe de Los Escullos.

The exhibition runs until this Sunday 8 April and features some amazing sculptures made from recycled wood and metal. Being a big fan of the Don Quixote book, I’d have to claim Ulli’s sculpture of the main character made from various materials, including a car radiator cap was my favourite, though in truth they were ALL good.  The setting and home to the exhibition, the Castillo de San Filipe, is amazing and well suited to the situation.

Once again, here are a couple of reviews of the opening:

As much as I loved the exhibition I have to say I very much enjoyed playing the saxophone with Ulli & Pieter – always spontaneous and beautiful. We played two improvised sets and in the second set, was joined by a flamenco guitarist & singer, absolutely fantastic!!!

Photograph by Digby Merry

Martyn ~ Pieter ~ Ulli (Photograph by Digby Merry)

As with the other exhibitions mentioned above, all works are for sale and just to see them in this fantastic setting is a joy in itself.

Laura Quintana – http://studioartequintana.blogspot.com/
Penni Allen – http://www.penniallen.co.uk/
Martyn Thompson – http://martynthompson.net/
Margaret Merry – http://www.margaretmerry.com/
Ulli Butz – http://www.ullibutz.com/

Dick File doesn’t have a website and I couldn’t find any details for Hans Bömer.

…and from an original post by Amber McClean, this video of a jam with the flamenco guitarist – unfortunately the wind wasn’t our friend 🙂


4 responses to “Exhibitions, exhibitions, exhibitions…

  1. Hello Martyn

    Was in a bit of a rush and did not equate you with the sax until too late. Great expo and thanks for visiting Margaret’s expo. You are welcome to use my photos.


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