Introduction to Oz Nature

Part of my philosophy (and genetic makeup I guess) is the idea of the collaboration. Life is hard enough sometimes and when you’re trying your best to do something original and show the world, support from others AND more importantly, supporting others who are striving to do similar is paramount.  Since I have been living in Spain, I have met so many wonderful people who genuinely want to enrich our lives and show us how beautiful the world is, especially this part of the world.

I would like now to introduce you all to a very good friend of mine, Jesus Contreras Torres. Jesus is passionate about nature and the environment in and around the province of Almeria (and generally). I have been out with him a number of times and without fail, I have been in awe of our time together – even simply just having a beer!

Jesus founded a small company called Oz Nature and is located in the Almeria province of Spain. Now in their second year (February), the main activity of Oz Nature is about attending people visiting Almeria province looking for landscape, geology, nature, geography and birds. Also they work on educational projects with local schools offering children the possibility of meeting responsibly with their own environment further than in a simple trip outside the classroom.

The Oz Nature fauna and flora trips and birdwatching guided tours are not to be missed and having been on a few, I can highly recommend them – especially his trips into the Tabernas desert!

Please visit Jesus’ website to learn more – You may also read a nice interview with Jesus on this blog – click here to read.

I am looking forward to the opportunity of working with Oz Nature in the future, we are always thinking of new ideas about how to show you our very special corner of the world. We both look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to Almeria.

Contact details:

Martyn Thompson
Cabo de Gata Photography

Facebook / Twitter / Flickr

Jesus Contreras
Oz nature
Facebook / YouTube / DepositPhoto


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